On Friday, May 7th, the project entitled “YesVGaN” officially started. The virtual Kick-Off meeting was the first official task of the project, to get every partner acquainted with the project management and schedule and – most importantly – to get everyone to know each other.
This very exciting project – led by Bosch, GmbH – is aimed at developing vertical gallium nitride (GaN) transistors on foreign (Silicon) substrates to achieve high power densities at high speed while keeping the costs low. The applications are wide, from power converters for energy harvesting in solar farms to motors for electrical cars and trains.
This European project was funded through the ECSEL JU initiative for a total of 8€ million and has many important lead European actors in the microelectronics and/or automotive fields, both academic and industrial (Fraunhofer Institute, FBH, IUNET, Ferrari SPA, etc.).
Our research group is involved through IUNET (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per la Nanoelettronica, http://www.iunet.info/) and, in partership with University of Padova, will take care of the characterization, modeling, and simulation of the reliability aspects on this novel technology. The feedback provided by our research will be crucial for technology develop to further optimize the device and ensure stable operation over many years.

YesVGaN – Kick-Off Meeting