The “Springer Handbook of Semiconductor Devices” has been released online on the editor’s webpage at this link.

The book contains the contributed chapter “Negative capacitors and applications” co-authored by Nicol√≤ Zagni. The chapter discusses the tremendous opportunities for CMOS technology scaling offered by the negative capacitance effect of ferroelectric layers.

The handbook was edited by professors Massimo Rudan (University of Bologna), Rossella Brunetti (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia), and Susanna Reggiani (University of Bologna). It contains 45 (!) contributed chapters covering technological aspects, basic devices and applications, new-generation devices and architectures, and modeling.

The book will establish itself as a fundamental reference in the field for both senior and young researchers as well as students.

The chapter/book can be accessed through a University subscription.

New Contributed Chapter – Springer Handbook of Semiconductor Devices