Ferroelectric FETs’ time evolution from early demonstrations to current research trends. © 2023 IEEE.

Dr. Zagni, Prof. Puglisi, and Prof. Pavan are the UNIMORE co-authors of the review article entitled “Reliability of HfO2-Based Ferroelectric FETs: A Critical Review of Current and Future Challenges” published on the prestigious journal Proceedings of the IEEE on the February Issue of 2023.

Short description: Ferroelectric transistors (FeFETs) based on doped hafnium oxide (HfO2) have received much attention due to their technological potential in terms of scalability, high speed, and low-power operation for a variety of applications. The game-changing potential of HfO2-FeFETs can only be truly harnessed if long-term, reliable operation is guaranteed. A deep understanding of the reliability physics of HfO2-FeFETs is therefore an essential prerequisite for the successful commercialization of this promising technology.

This review article proposes an integrative approach to connect apparently unrelated FeFET reliability issues and suggests mitigation strategies at the device, circuit, or system level. The article suggests also a set of research opportunities to guide future development in the field.

About the journal: Proceedings of the IEEE is the leading journal to provide in-depth review, survey, and tutorial coverage of the technical developments in electronics, electrical and computer engineering, and computer science. Consistently ranked as one of the top journals by Impact Factor, Article Influence Score and more, the journal serves as a trusted resource for engineers around the world.

Article Availability: The full article is available on IEEEXplore (through University subscription). The accepted article (after peer-review) can be accessed freely on IRIS.

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