Great News!

Three out of three submitted papers from our group have been accepted at the latest International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS) which will be held on March 27-31 2022 in Dellas, TX.

The accepted papers are the following:

  1. S. Vecchi, P. Pavan, F. M. Puglisi “The Relevance of Trapped Charge for Leakage and Random Telegraph Noise Phenomena” (Oral Presentation – Gate/MOL Dielectrics Track)
  2. L. Benatti, P. Pavan, F. M. Puglisi “Combining Experiments and a Novel Small Signal Model to Investigate the Degradation Mechanisms in Ferroelectric Tunnel Junctions” (Poster – Emerging Memories Track)
  3. M. Cioni, N. Zagni, A. Chini “Fe-Traps Influence on Time-dependent Breakdown Voltage in 0.1-μm GaN HEMTs for 5G Applications” (Oral Presentation – RF/mmW/5G Track)

Well done!

Our Papers Accepted at latest IRPS